Wrappr is here to elevate genuine brand advocacy as the new norm in advertising.

Why is advocacy important to us? 

We are living in a world where ever-growing resources are being deployed in the fight for people's attention, fake news is spreading up to six times faster than real news, and the ease of distribution and communication of messages which are not good for the world is all too easy.

Simultaneously, people simply dislike ads, often to such an extent that they will pay to avoid them! Many ads increase a brand’s awareness, but at the cost of annoying and building resentment in potential customers.

The opposite of this though is the holy grail of advertising - word-of-mouth. This is the type of 'ad' we really care about at Wrappr, and we care about it because in fact it's not an ad, it's advocacy. 

At Wrappr, we take all potential advocates through an unbiased survey where they must rate the brand offering the campaign a 9 or 10 out of 10, plus they must rank them highly against a list of their competitors. If after the survey the brand doesn’t have any advocates, then their campaign cannot run.

Using a model like this, advocacy has the power to transform how messages spread. Now only the brands and messages which people are genuinely proud to endorse will be spread and make an impact.

We’re very excited about the opportunity for advocacy to make a difference and that’s why it’s so important to us.

How we work at Wrappr

At Wrappr, our aspirations have always been to build a company where everyone can get the most out of life, both professionally and personally.


This means that we have been a remote-first company since day one, and Wrappr staff can be found working from home, in our offices in Sydney and Melbourne.


At Wrappr we think long-term and aim high. We also love that we can have a meaningful impact on people’s lives, whilst drastically improving what’s possible in outdoor advertising.

We are driven by our ability to make an impact to people’s lives by providing easy, hassle-free income to everyday Australians, as well as our environmental commitment to offset the emissions of two cars for every one car we have on the road.

Interested in becoming an Advocate?

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