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We’re here to pioneer a new way of advertising, where brands, people and the environment all benefit.

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Sharing the ad economy 

The ad economy is a biggie, and we think it would be nice to share it around a bit. We’re a little startup with some big aspirations, and we want everyone on the journey with us to benefit. Most Wrappr advocates earn $500 per month, equal to a 9% pay rise for the average Australian.

Cutting through the noise

We’ve built Wrappr to ensure that brands can genuinely connect with their audience and cut through the noise. When 84% of advertising isn’t noticed or remembered, we deliver a surprising and unique format that makes a significant, measurable impact.

Treading lightly

Wrappr is committed to being a net positive for the environment. This commitment means there is no hiding behind fluffy statements or virtue signals - we’re either making the environment better or we’re not. Our startup is one that naturally treads lightly by using existing resources and requiring advocates to only drive their normal routine, but on top of this, we also have a number of programs in place.

200% Carbon Offset Program

Through reforestation projects conducted and accredited through Greenfleet, we offset the carbon emissions for two vehicles for every advocate we have on the road, meaning the more advocates we have on the road, the more carbon emissions are drawn down.

Electric Vehicle Incentive

To make EV ownership more attractive and accelerate the adoption of EVs, we offer an additional $100 per month to any advocate who drives an EV, meaning they make up to $600 per month driving as normal.

Wrap Recycling Project

We’re currently working on a solution to develop the first car wrap recycling service in Australia. Watch this space.

Working at Wrappr

At Wrappr, our aspirations have always been to build a company where everyone can get the most out of life, both professionally and personally.

This means that we have been a remote-first company since day one, and Wrappr staff can be found working from home, in our offices in Sydney and Melbourne, or from a campervan down the coast.

We think long-term, aim high, and love pioneering new ways for brands, advocates and the environment to all benefit.

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