Wrappr is built for brands who want to cut through the noise and stand out.

Campaign Process


Establish your campaign objectives

Determine your ideal number of impressions, number of kilometres driven in target areas, or time spent in highly visible locations.



We find the perfect Advocates to represent your brand. All of our Advocates complete an unbiased survey when they sign up and we determine their brand preferences. You provide us with a brief of your perfect Advocate and we provide you with suitable options for approval.



We execute nation-wide vehicle wrap installation, with creative direction to be delivered a minimum of two weeks before campaign launch.


Campaign Period

Your Advocates continue with their daily driving routine, whilst promoting your brand with a wrap on their vehicle. Advocates generate over 300,000 impressions and 20 brand-related conversations per month on average, sparking positive word of mouth in their local communities.


Tracking and Reporting

Independent advertising performance measurement and safe driving tracking are provided for all campaigns, and independent ROI measurement is available for select campaigns.


Campaign extension, or unwrapping

At the end of the campaign, you will have the option to extend on a month-to-month basis to maximise your budget.

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) will decrease significantly with longer campaigns.


CPM inclusive of setup costs. Telematics tracking included for all formats, impact tracking included only for half and full wraps.


Wrappr is able to get you access to almost any vehicle type, and you’re able to select your Advocates based on this.​

All of your Advocates’ vehicles will be 7 years old or newer, and always in good condition. The only exception is when older vehicles are a better fit for your brief, or if otherwise discussed with you in the brief process.

Case Studies

Locations and Targeting

Wherever your brand needs to be in Australia, Wrappr is there and able to run your campaign. All capital cities, all major cities, and all regional centres. 


Target areas are set on a suburb, LGA, or city level, and your Advocates’ incentives are entirely linked to maximising their impact in your target areas!


The performance of your campaigns are independently measured through the funnel to an ROI level, and impressions are guaranteed.

Jimmy Brings

Dan Murphy's

Marc & Main

Formats & Pricing

Guerrilla Activations

Guerrilla Activations allow you to bring your advocates together for a high-impact brand moment! 


Say goodbye to costly activations, now you can get your fleet of Advocates to go wherever you want, whenever you want!


Target sporting events, competitor stores, CBDs, concerts, community markets, transport hubs, universities, and more.

Performance Guarantee

If we don’t exceed your campaign KPIs, we will continue the campaign for free until we do!

Next Steps

Ready to learn more and talk to us about how we can help your brand cut through the noise and stand out?

Brand Safety Guaranteed

Safe Driving App

All advocates have their driving quality tracked using an insurance-grade telematics app that tracks braking, cornering, speeding and phone distraction.

Safe Driving Score 

All advocates must maintain a high safe-driving score to receive their monthly incentive and avoid penalties.


All vehicles have a GPS installed into their vehicle to guarantee visibility on vehicle activity.

How We Compare

Of all out of home formats, despite accounting for less than 1% of out of home media, wrapped cars were found to be: 

The most noticed transit media format*


More than bus ads


More than taxi ads


More than rail ads

Noticed more than other outdoor formats*


More than digital billboards


More than posters


More than street furniture

*2019 Nielsen Out of Home Study

Full Wrap

Get immediate cut-through and maximum impact

$3.6 Average CPM

Partial Wrap

Turn heads, be noticed by everyone

$2.9 Average CPM

Side Panels

Target pedestrians with tactical parking

$1.4 Average CPM

Rear Windshield

Long dwell times to target motorists

$1 Average CPM
200% Carbon Offset Program

All Wrappr campaigns are 200% carbon offset through Greenfleet.

For every advocate we have on the road, we offset the emissions for two vehicles. 

All advocates have this program promoted on the rear of their vehicle, alongside their 'How's my driving?' sticker. 

Why Brands Love Wrappr

Reach anywhere

Purpose driven

Medium is the message 

Performance guaranteed