Case Studies

Dan Murphy's

Holidays Handled Christmas Campaign 2020

26 advocates, nationwide.

6 week campaign.

275,000 additional customers driven in-store, independently measured.

Jimmy Brings

Bundaberg Rum, NRL Final Campaign 2020

7 advocates across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Large spike in brand consideration seen over campaign period against competition.

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Brisbane Brand Campaign


20 advocates, 6 month campaign.

300% sales growth in Brisbane, compared with Melbourne and Sydney over the 6 month period, with only 20% of the ad spend.

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Parramatta Relaunch Campaign


20 advocates, 4 week campaign.

Campaign KPIs were exceeded by 213%.

14M impressions generated.

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Marc & Main

Perth Brand Campaign, 2019 - Present

With only one store and one advocate, over 3,959 additional customers were generated in the first six months. 

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Jimmy Brings

Brand Campaign, 2019 - Present

13 advocates across Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Strong business results from the initial Perth campaign lead to re-booking and campaign extension to Sydney and Melbourne. 

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JAX Tyres & Auto

Gilles Plains Store, September 2021

JAX Tyres & Auto chose Wrappr to generate awareness of their first Adelaide store. Two advocates were used to generate cut-through targeted to the Gilles Plains area. Over 1 million impressions and 190,000 engagements were generated throughout the campaign, plus independent measurement found 100 additional customers visited the store due to Wrappr in the first three weeks of the campaign. 

Dan Murphy's

2hr Delivery, June 2021 - Present

After the huge success of their first campaign with Wrappr, Dan Murphy's expanded their fleet and moved to an always-on format with 62 advocates across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Geelong and Noosa.

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South Australia Police

Distracted Driving Campaign, September 2021

SAPOL partnered with Wrappr to ensure their safe driving message cut through. Over 2 million impressions were generated throughout the campaign, with the average safe driving score of 96/100 - placing the advocates in the top 5% of safe drivers on the road.

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Brand Awareness Campaign, November 2021 - Present 

We partnered with Powershop to launch our fleet of EV vehicles. With advocates across Sydney and Melbourne, Powershop are utilising environmentally conscious Tesla owners to cut through in the competitive energy sector. 

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Woolworths Mobile

January 2022 - Present

With advocates across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Woolworths Mobile have utilised proud Woolworths shoppers as their advocates.

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May 2022 - Present

We partnered with eBay to promote their Auto Parts & Accessories category, generating over 400,000 impressions every day in Sydney. 

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February 2022

We partnered with Nepenthe to help them target Brisbane's wine drinkers in key target suburbs. The campaign achieved 2.2 million impressions, beating our impression guarantee by 22%.

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