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Make up to $600 a month, driving as normal.

Vehicle Types 

We work with all vehicle types so we can find the perfect advocates for every brand. This means if you drive a hatchback, SUV, sedan, convertible, 4WD, ute, van, truck, electric vehicle, muscle car, classic car, or batmobile we want to hear from you.

$200 / Month

Side Panels

$800 for 3 Months

Rear Windshield

$500 for 3 Months

How Much Can I Earn?

Bonus Income

Brands will sometimes want their Advocates to be involved in ad-hoc photoshoots or guerilla activations. In these instances, you will be notified in advance and be given the option to participate in return for $75 per hour.

Receiving Your Income

Each campaign you’re accepted into will have specific monthly targets and which you should hit driving like you normally drive. Hitting these targets releases your income. If you have a month where you’re unable to meet your monthly target your income will be reduced, but don’t worry - you’re able to make it up in subsequent months.

Protecting Your Vehicle

We guarantee that there will be no damage caused to your vehicle during the installation or removal of your wrap and if there is we will arrange for the damage to be professionally repaired at our cost.

Brands Our Advocates Have Worked With

Campaigns typically range from 3-6 months, with higher earnings for longer campaigns. For a breakdown of payment information, please refer to our FAQ.

Getting Started

Sign up and complete your profile survey to start getting offers from brands.

How Wrappr Works

Easy, Hassle-Free Income

Wrappr is here to let you earn an extra income going about your normal day-to-day, driving like you normally drive.

Earn up to $600 per month for being an advocate for brands you’re proud to endorse in your local community.

Partial Wrap

$1100 for 3 Months

Full Wrap

$1400 for 3 Months

If you’re a safe driver and are enthusiastic about the opportunity of promoting brands you love, we’d love for you to join Wrappr!

Campaign offers will be made entirely based on your suitability for the brand.

Own an electric vehicle?

To accelerate the adoption of EVs, we proudly offer EV owners an additional $100 per month.

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