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Our mission at Wrappr is to pioneer a way of advertising where brands, people and the environment all benefit, and we’re proud to have reached one milestone in this journey by becoming a certified B Corporation.

Being a certified B Corp means we join the ranks of a limited but growing group of 6,000 companies globally who have undergone the certification process and have met certification standards across key impact areas - workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

Certifying as a B Corp is an undertaking that comes with responsibility and tradeoffs, and companies who certify need to be prepared to make these as they strive to make their business a force for good. Sometimes this means making decisions which limit opportunities for profit, but for Wrappr the tradeoffs are worth it because we want to cement our values in the company for the long term, and also provide our customers with external validation of our commitment to these values.

We are hoping that Wrappr will be the first of many Australian media owners in Australia who certify as a B Corp. Currently media owners are not held to the same social and environmental standards that their customers (brands) are, which seems like a cultural oversight that needs to be addressed. Wrappr’s network reaches 90% of the Australian population with the capacity for billions of impressions to be made on audiences every month, and society should care whether we’re being responsible.

Fortunately, there is growing demand from brands and media agencies for media owners to step up in this regard, and we look forward to seeing this transformation take place across the industry.

We're proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but recognise there is still a long way to go. You can view our B Corp profile here, and read about some of our initiatives below.

200% carbon offset program
For every Wrappr advocate we have wrapped on the road, we offset twice the carbon emissions that their vehicle produces. We do this because it’s a tangible and motivating way for us to make an environmental impact, despite the fact that no extra driving occurs due to a campaign running. To make our offsetting program a reality, Wrappr partners with Greenfleet who undertake native reforestation, protection and rejuvenation projects to produce accredited carbon offsets.

Sharing the ad economy
Wrappr enables everyday people to use their personal assets to earn an income and take a share of the ad economy just by going about their day as normal. Wrappr advocates earn on average $500 per month, which is equal to a 9% pay rise for the average Australian.

Electric vehicle incentive
To help make EV ownership more attractive and accelerate the adoption of EVs in Australia, all EV advocates earn an additional $100 per month, compared with owners of petrol-powered vehicles.

Remote first workplace
To enable Wrappr employees to live the lives they want to, Wrappr is a remote-first workplace and allows staff to self-determine the best way they can maximise their happiness and effectiveness.

Employee share scheme
To ensure that Wrappr employees benefit from the success of the company, are custodians of its values, and act like owners, Wrappr has a generous employee share option scheme in place.

Leave policies

Wrappr has expanded personal or sick leave to include self-care and ‘me days’, we provide 12 weeks of full pay parental leave for primary carers, 4 weeks of full pay parental leave for secondary carers, and 10 days full pay compassionate leave.

We're a certified

B Corp. 

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