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"Powershop is always looking for ways to reach our audience in distinctive, yet relevant ways.

The chance to work with Wrappr was a perfect fit for us. We were immediately taken with the opportunity to launch their EV fleet – it's so aligned to our purpose and values. And it's also at the forefront of tech, with solid measurability and accountability, which is equally important for any commercial business.

It has been a pleasure to partner with the Wrappr team, the innovation, engagement and service has been exceptional and we are thrilled with the early impact and excited to see what happens next."


Peita Golden
Head of Brand and Marketing at Powershop

Jimmy Brings 

"Wrappr has been an amazing partner to grow with over the past few years. We started out with one van in a new market as a test channel. We quickly began to see growth in the market and customers were telling us they found out about Jimmy Brings by seeing our van! At this stage, Jimmy Brings was a small startup who didn't have the budgets to activate out of home campaigns, so it was promising to see the impact of this channel.

To get this off the ground, Wrappr were extremely accommodating and shared some great insight into impression numbers and GPS location of the van. Due to the success of this trial, it was only obvious to keep this van in market as part of our ongoing marketing tactics.

When the time came for Jimmy Brings to launch its first ever national brand campaign, it was safe to say our OOH investment was going to be predominantly led by Wrappr. We thought that if 1 van could give us exposure and credibility, imagine the power of over 25 vans in market at once! We saw over 15 million impressions over an 8 week period, as well as an influx of organic social mentions and photos of our vans on the road, extending the reach even further than we anticipated and further validating the impact the vans were having.


Overall, Wrappr provides a new, exciting and impactful marketing channel that allows us to connect to customers unlike other traditional forms of out of home media. We believe the power of the Wrappr is that it delivers mass reach in a unique way, whilst signalling to the market that Jimmy Brings is a busy and popular brand (which it is!)."

Jamie Gagliardi
​Head of Marketing

Marc & Main

"As a growing furniture retail business, we are always looking to maximize the efficacy of our advertising budget. Wrappr has exceeded our expectations with lead generation, as well as helping to convert warm leads that would have otherwise purchased elsewhere.

In regards to lead generation, Wrappr provides us with an extremely effective out of home media format that actually gets noticed. At Marc & Main we religiously survey our customers as to “how they first found out about us”. A common response is that they saw our delivery van which led them to search for us online and subsequently make a decision to visit the store.

‘Delivery Signaling’ is also an integral part of our Wrappr campaign, and is what results in many of our warm leads converting. Having a van on the road associated with our brand provides a strong level of 'social proof' that encourages potential customers to transact with us over our competitors.

The impetus for Marc & Main running a campaign with Wrappr was the realisation that we now live in a world where digital advertising has become very noisy, and the barrier to entry for a competitor to run an ad alongside yours very low. It has become essential for businesses that rely on digital marketing to cut through that noise by getting creative."

Tom Wale

Managing Director

Dan Murphy's

"We loved working with the team at Wrappr to bring to life our Christmas campaign!

We had a unique situation whereby we physically showed Dan's delivery vans across our Christmas creative suite, and was used as a hero distinctive brand asset in our TVC. Using Wrappr meant that we could bring this creative idea to the suburban streets of Australia, and spread that Christmas joy seen in our ads in every day life.

Not only was it a unique ad format that helped us gain further cut-through in the market, but we also gained great traction for subliminal delivery branding as our audience who saw these assets interpreted the vans as our delivery services.

Overall, we delivered a very successful and impactful Christmas and the Wrappr team were fundamental to this success. We are looking forward to working with the team again on some more exciting projects we have in the pipeline with them already."

Sarah Tencer

Head of Brand and Experience

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